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the cheapest cd duplication services.

For over 10 years, at OneDollarCDDuplication we help independent music artists
and small businesses save money by offering affordable CD Duplication.

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cHOSE YOUR cd duplication PACKAGE


Cheap Cd Duplication Platinum Package $100


  • CD Burned & Printed (Black Text ONLY)
  • Slim Case
  • Full Color Cover Front & Back


Cheap Cd Duplication Gold Package $80


  • CD Burned & Printed (Black Text ONLY)
  • Clear Sleeve
  • Full Color Insert Front & Back

starting at $80

Cheap Cd Duplication Silver Package $60


  • CD Burned & Printed (Black Text ONLY)
  • Clear Sleeve

starting at $60

Cheap Cd Duplication Bronze Package $50


  • CD Burned & Printed (Black Text ONLY)

Starting at $50

why artists need cd duplication services


If you got almost every single person in the state of Rhode Island to stream your song, you’d get a million streams. That’s A LOT of people. The worst part is…you’d only make around $4,366.


What if instead of virtual streams, you got your music to your fans. If you sell your CD’s both online and inperson for $10 per CD. All you would is need 400 fans to make the same $4,000.


MORE Than 50,000 CUSTOMERS SINCE 2006.

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CD Duplication Review 4 OneDollarcdduplication

short run and bulk cd duplication


frequently asked questions

We offer 5-7 business day turnaround to print any order under 1,000 copies. Add an additional 1-2 business days per 1,000 copies.

Shipping is just an additional 2-3 days.

Rush printing 2-3 turnaround is available at a small fee.

We ship with USPS, which delivers 6 days a week.

After the payment is made you will be taken to our upload page where you will upload all of your music and image files at once.

If you’ve already placed an order and need to get back to our upload page, CLICK HERE.

For our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages shipping is just $15 per 200 copies to anywhere in the US.

For our Platinum package shipping is just $20 per 100 copies to anywhere in the US.

We ship with USPS Priority Express which is 2-3 days anywhere in the US.

We keep files for 90 days. As long as you need more copies of a project we’ve already done for you, no need to pay the $25 setup fee or upload any files again. We provide you with a coupon code to remove the $25 fee and ask that you let us know that the order is for a reorder by typing “reorder” in the order notes box at the checkout.

We accept:


Please size your front and back cover to 5″ by 5 ” (300 resolution) [1500 px by 1500 px]. Make sure no critical image or text is within .25″ of the edge. DOWNLOAD OUR TEMPLATES HERE.

Well Yes and No.

When we burn your master copy we use Gracenote to submit your Metadata. Gracenote is the world’s leading entertainment data and technology company.

So although yes we are submitting your metadata, not all CD players and devices will read the metadata. However, most devices will!

nothing beats the feeling of a phsyical copy

CD Duplication is the most cost-effective way to promote and market your music. In a world that seems to be dominated by streaming numbers. Many artists forget about the importance of CD’s. Physical items that connect you to your fans and can fill your pockets with cash. 

Professional CD Duplication Services

If you’ve been trying to promote your music, you will know that it takes a lot of time to market or network. This means that it just doesn’t make sense to spend time having to do your own CD Duplication. Especially when you want  hundreds of copies. 

So why not let the pro’s do it for you?

our Customers favorite Cd package

The Gold Package has been our top seller for over the past 5 years. It comes in a clear sleeve and comes with a full cover insert on the front and back.

Here’s what the package features.

  • CD Burned & Printed
  • Clear Sleeve
  • Full Color Insert Front & Back
Cheap Cd Duplication Gold Package $80

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